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Why do you need your own personalized content calendar?

Running a small business, or any business, is hard. You are consistently trying to balance maintaining customers and attaining new ones. We are expected to consistently engage our audience with content that is creative and relevant.

It will wear you out!

Perhaps you’re pressed for time. Perhaps creativity is not where your strength lies. So, you download a generic content calendar with the same dates and ideas others are putting out there.

Let me give you some advice: Stop it now.


What does Taco Tuesday have to do with your business? If you’re not a taqueria, little to nothing. And think about it: Do you really want to be on the same schedule as countless other small businesses? The key to content marketing is to make the content reflective of who you are. And that’s easier said than done.

Do any of these struggles sound familiar?

You can’t decide on what people want to read about.

You struggle with being creative. (We can’t all be Kevin Hart!)

You spend hours of your precious time away from family, friends, pets, and yourself trying to think of content ideas.

What do you do instead?

What’s Wrong with Pre-Built Calendars?

When you buy a pre-made content calendar, a hundred other entrepreneurs are using it as well. Great — you aren’t unique anymore.

The maker of the calendar says, “Sure, it will fit any business. A make-up artist, a pet sitter, a mechanic – don’t worry, the same calendar will work for all of you.” 

Except it won’t. Your customers can sniff out when you’re being insincere or just looking to pad your social media. What do they want from you? They want goodies: informative, fun content. This is a great way to establish your authority — don’t pass it up by being generic!

What Makes a Good Content Calendar? 

Great content should follow a schedule, sure, but it should be on your schedule. How can you mix it up for your followers? No one wants to see the same old stuff every day, whether that’s 1,000 Taco Tuesday posts or a 1,000 posts from you that all say the same thing. As they say, variety is the spice of life. 

Your content needs to speak your language but tap into what matters to your audience. Remember, it’s not about you — it’s about them. If you’re not giving them content they want to read, you’re missing out on the opportunity to truly connect with them. 

You don’t have time, I hear you say. Why not get expert assistance in building your customized content calendar? Get someone who is PhD trained, someone who understands how to research trends, be creative, and quickly find interesting topics for content that fits your business.

So, let’s work together and create something special just for you!