You are currently viewing What a career coach can do to help you turn a job into a career.

What a career coach can do to help you turn a job into a career.

What a career coach can do to help you turn a job into a career.

How a Career Coach Can Help You ?

Remember those assessments you took in school that told you what career path you should take? How’s that working out for you? 

Perhaps you followed your passion. Perhaps you followed the money — or a love interest. Whichever it is, feeling like you’re on the wrong path can make you feel isolated, angry, and lonely. 

People change and grow. Your career path should grow with you. A career coach can help you take the next big step toward your ideal career, whether that’s finding a new job or turning your existing job into a career.

What Does a Career Coach Do? 

Your school advisors may have talked to you about your goals, but make no mistake: Their job is to get you through the process and set your sights on your immediate goals. You listen to what they say, fill out the forms they give you, and do only what’s necessary to get a degree.

A career coach does much more than just put you through the motions. They provide an approach that focuses on meeting your goals, by giving you the tools to make them happen. 

Standardized programs don’t work: That’s why any “coach” who claims that you just have to “follow this 3-step formula” is just trying to take your money.

A good career coach puts you in control. “But wait, I don’t know what I’m doing!” you say. Your coach gives you some guidance, but ultimately you take the reins and carve your own path.

How Does Career Coaching Work?

Career coaching is more than just a pep talk. Sure, confidence is important, but what’s really holding you back from pursuing your goals? What resources do you need to do it? A better resumé? A killer elevator speech? 

These are things that a coach can help you create. Remember, you’re the boss of your own life. A coach is just an expert hand to help you become that boss!

In your coaching sessions, you’ll go over your goals and how you can develop a strategy to make them happen. You’ll identify your weak spots — we all have ‘em — and talk through a plan to patch those up.

Career coaching includes:

  • LinkedIn and resumé consultation
  • How to network
  • Interview success tips
  • Strategies to achieve promotion
  • Entrepreneurial pathways

Your coach is there to coach you on your technique and approach every step of the way — just like in sports. You can’t improve your hoop shooting skills without a coach pointing out that your elbow is sticking out!

How Do I Get Started? 

The key to a successful coaching relationship is to find someone you mesh with — but also someone who’s going to be tough when you need it! My strategy is to work with you to determine the course of action that fits you best. Everyone is welcome to a complimentary 30-minute telephone consultation to discuss the issues they are dealing with and how I can help. Get in touch today to get started.