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Whether you’re a business or a not-for-profit, research is a necessary part of your strategy for growth and maximal impact. Are you facing challenges in developing, organizing, and processing your research?

 Overcome the challenges of research with our expert guidance.

  • Struggling to develop a research project that will be valid and meaningful?
  • Not sure where or how to start surveying your audience?
  • Need help building interview schedules or quantitative research instruments?
  • Confused by the plethora of data collection and analytical methods?
  • Worried that your previous research has been flawed or accidentally biased?

We can bring order to the chaos and ensure that your research is done effectively and gives you results you can leverage for your business or strategic goals.

We’re good at what we do — and we’re here to help you.

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Why Choose Me?

With more than 20 years of experience, PhD-level education in strategic management and business, and multiple published articles in top-tiered journals, we know business and scientific research.

We leverage our expertise at the nexus of cutting-edge research, reporting, and publication. We understand how to design research plans that support your business goals.


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How It Works

I will design a research package that effectively and efficiently completes the tasks you need done within a viable scope and with valid instruments.

I will provide valuable, expert insights into what your research plan needs to be effective and verifiable.

With me at your side, you can gain the data and perform the analysis you need to obtain high-value results.

Meet your business and strategic goals and get results that matter.

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