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Whether you’re a business or a not-for-profit, research is a necessary part of your strategy for growth and maximal impact. Are you facing challenges in developing, organizing, and processing your research?

 Overcome the challenges of research with our expert guidance.

  • Struggling to develop a research project that will be valid and meaningful?
  • Not sure where or how to start surveying your audience?
  • Need help building interview schedules or quantitative research instruments?
  • Confused by the plethora of data collection and analytical methods?
  • Worried that your previous research has been flawed or accidentally biased?

We can bring order to the chaos and ensure that your research is done effectively and gives you results you can leverage for your business or strategic goals.

We’re good at what we do — and we’re here to help you.

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Why Choose Me?

With more than 20 years of experience, PhD-level education in strategic management and business, and multiple published articles in top-tiered journals, we know business and scientific research.

We leverage our expertise at the nexus of cutting-edge research, reporting, and publication. We understand how to design research plans that support your business goals.


What I Do Best

Practice Areas I Specialize In


The key to business success is to know your audience. With our guidance, you can efficiently develop and execute research instruments to gain valuable consumer insights.


How’s your team doing? Researching your own employees can be tricky, but we’re here to help you effectively survey and report on their attitudes and productivity.


Well-crafted survey instruments and analytical methods are crucial to a true scientific findings. We can help you develop a plan of action that minimizes bias and controls for error.


Small businesses may be strapped for resources, but with our help, you can develop a research strategy to better inform your marketing and development.


Larger businesses mean larger datasets, which can be challenging to process and manage. Our expertise can guide your efforts to gain insights into your broad consumer base and strategize your next move.


To best measure your impact on society, it’s important to have a robust research strategy. We’ll work with you to determine the data you should collect to meet your nonprofit goals.


Increasingly, higher ed programs request that students conduct original research, which can be financially or otherwise challenging for students. With my specialization in higher ed, we can help you develop the research methods needed to complete your project.


Learning institutions regularly need to measure their performance or develop new programs based on research. Let us provide you with expert guidance on how to meet your strategic goals through research.


To be able to serve their communities and strategize the best use of their resources, healthcare institutions need to do a lot of research. We can provide expert consultations on how to maximize your research efforts.



A well-designed survey is one with minimized bias and maximized opportunities for valuable respondent data. We can help you craft the perfect survey.


: Qualitative research has unique challenges and can be unusable if done incorrectly. We’ll provide guidance on interview schedules that garner valuable insights from your audience.


Whether developing a brand, a product, or a program, a focus group is an efficient way to test your idea. We can help you assemble and manage an effective focus group.


Need insights into how your company appears to consumers, but tired of secret shoppers who don’t provide you information you can use? Give us a try for secret shopping with results.


Deliver engaging educational experiences, equipping learners with valuable skills and knowledge in a dynamic and interactive environment


Nothing beats getting out into the field to do research, but it takes a trained eye to effectively manage the controlled study of a real-world environment. We can help with that.


Creates effective and engaging learning experiences by designing, developing, and implementing curriculum, courses, and educational materials based on pedagogical principles and modern instructional technologies.


We can provide insight into designing and analyzing quanitative and qualitative data into key findngs for publications and policy changes.


Assist organizations and indivduals to secure funding by providing expertise in grant identification, application development, and strategic proposal writing.


Need overall structure and strategy for your research interests? We’ll help you develop a cohesive set of instruments and methods to en-sure that you get the data you need.


A research project has a lot of moving parts, and poor management can lead to delays or harm the project’s efficiency or verifiability. Let us help you keep you everything on track and maximize the use of your resources.


Sometimes, a guiding hand is what you need to ensure that your research plan is aligned with your goals and in compliance with all appli-cable standards. We’re always here to provide an expert eye to your research plan and determine the best course of action for you to meet your goals.

Ready to elevate your research efforts to the next level? Contact us today to get started.

How It Works

I will design a research package that effectively and efficiently completes the tasks you need done within a viable scope and with valid instruments.

I will provide valuable, expert insights into what your research plan needs to be effective and verifiable.

With me at your side, you can gain the data and perform the analysis you need to obtain high-value results.

Meet your business and strategic goals and get results that matter.

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