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How to create a content writing keyword database in 2 hours

The content writing keyword database course combines asynchronous lectures and hands-on activities. It is designed to emphasize the relevant information needed in content writing and improve marketing strategy. Setting the foundation to become a successful content writer.  

How to create a content writing keyword database in 2 hours

Content writing is becoming an important field in today’s business. In the long run, businesses need solid content to maintain and improve their ranks on search engines. Individuals are discovering opportunities as freelance content writers. Companies are now adding more full-time content writers to their workforce. 

So what’s the problem? Many people don’t know how to do it. People are hungry to increase their knowledge. In view of the Content is King, the course is extremely relevant in today’s marketing strategy.

I created the course as a way to provide an interactive method for those interested in content writing or improving their content writing.  The course is engaging and has you creating a keyword database in 2 hours. 


How a keyword database can be used as an effective tool to start creating content.

The content writing course consists of multiple similar keywords that can be used to create a number of content articles.   You will be able to avoid keyword stuffing. I will also teach you how to create future topic ideas from the free tools available.  

The course blends lectures and hands-on activities. Learners leave understanding how to use existing combined with new tools (Google Trends and Quora). On the whole, the information will provide a step-by-step understanding to overcome the challenge in finding keywords in your own niche. 

Not to mention, I provide 5 important steps on how to create a database. More importantly, participants will be shown a demonstration using real example on how to easily create over 40 keywords. In addition, enrollees will develop 10 on-demand future content topics.

The content writing keyword course is appropriate for all writers. 

The information is in such as manner to easily understand with the basics to develop a methodology to find keywords..Beginners will be able to understand how to get started with building your keywords specific to your niche. In like manner, advanced writers will be able to work around writer’s block to find relevant keywords specific to their organization’s goals. 

The course is relevant for individuals who are interested in content writer but are not sure how to get started.  The course provides a system that I have used to develop top-notch content for myself and for others.

The content is relevant for individuals in

  • Web writing
  • Content writing
  • Copy writing
  • Content marketing

The content is also for the benefit of Individuals who are

  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Floggers

You can walk away in less than 2 hours with sufficient topics to write a months worth of high-quality content. 

I’m your instructor Dr. Jocelyn L. Steward.

I am an educator and entrepreneur with over 15-years of experience. All in all, I enjoy helping people become better writers including content, academic, scientific, and SEO. 

My content is delivered in a manner that is friendly, productive, and lively.  I understand how to break-down and reinforce concepts so that you can begin immediately with your own project. The hands-on activities will leave you completely understanding how to start developing your own keyword database.   

The class was developed organically to demonstrate how I completed the tasks, the same way you would complete it.  As an educator, I am here for my students and will answer any questions you may have..  

If you are just starting, I’ll be able to assist you understanding your niche and how to find information quickly.  By and large, you will be able to learn how to develop an outline for a content article. The skills learned takes only mere hours hours and not days to complete. 

If you need some quick ideas to get started, read 130 social media image ideas.

As a result, individuals interested in having a career in content writer will be able to articulate their methods to content writer. 


As a matter of fact, this course will give you the quickest way to start creating content.  No more spending hours trying to figure out what to write about. 

If you are in need of content calendar with 370 ideas, check out the research-based content calendar creations.

Here is a detailed look at what each section of the course will teach you

Altogether, this course has 4 sections, which provides a solid foundation to begin content writing. 

Section 1: Introduction to the course.

First, you will understand what exactly content writing is. You will understand the skills needed for content writing. You’ll learn how to create high-quality, high-value content. You’ll receive information on compensation and how long it takes to create solid content. Last, you’ll receive important tips that I have found many content writers make. 

Section 2: Creating the keyword database.

Second, this part of the content writing database course provides 7 hands-on activities to create your database. It is what I use to create content for myself, others, and how I train people to get started. I use easy to understand walk-through steps to demonstrate how to create your keyword database. 

Section 3: Finishing course.

Third, this part of the educational series provides final steps on how to store the database for quick access. Learn how to use the database for future writing. 

Section 4: Bonus Section:

Fourth, as for the bonus section, I have included a bonus section about long-tail keywords. It also includes a bonus activity. 

In addition, the information is coupled with 11 quizzes for you to test your knowledge 

At the present time, the course is found on Udemy. Contact me if you want a coupon to take the course for free.