Amazon FBA Small to Medium Item Removal Inspection Services

Are you a smaller seller who needs the same level of white-glove service as those of larger sellers?  We are now expanding our services and offering an Amazon FBA Small to Medium Item Removal Inspection Services.  

As an Amazon FBA/FBM seller, I know how important it is to inspect items or have a plan for returns.  Defective rates and long-term storage fees can create havoc onto a sellers account and eat into your profit.  We understand the need to help smaller sellers and are offering these services especially for them.  

We also understand that international sellers and those with limited space need the same quality of services as US based sellers with those with larger areas for storage.  

By focusing on returns, we can streamline our services and offer it at a competitive price.  

We also offer the opportunity to resell your unsellable products on some of the largest platforms Ebay, Etsy, Mercari to recoup your money.  


How it works (Price $1.00 per unit) 

  1. Send an inquiring by filling out the form.  Fill out this form.  Include the ASIN of the items you need inspected.  We are currently accepting small to medium items, weighing less than 5 pounds.  We do not accept food or grocery. We accept items in used and new condition.  
  2. Ship items to us.  Using Amazon FBA removal, we will provide the address to ship the products to us (near Atlanta, GA)  We will provide a Set order ID so that we may keep track of the inventory
  3. Items arrive to us.  When it arrives, we will send you a notification, including quantity received, visual damage, and anything else we note about your shipment.  
  4. Process items and ship to FBA Warehouse.  We process your outbound shipment and provide FNSKU and poly bagging.  Items that require a box will need to be supplied to us before shipment. When items are ready to ship, we upload box dimensions, weight , etc to Amazon to generate a shipping label.  
  5. Using UPS/FBA labels, we send your order to Amazon
  6. You will be responsible for covering the removal order fee. 


Alternatives to sending in FBA

  1. If the items are considered unsellable, you have 3 options
    1. We will box up unsellable items and return them to you.  
      1. Price: Cost of shipping + $5 per box (up to a 5 pounds)
    2. We will keep items that you do not want back. 
      1. Price: Free 
    3. We will resell them on another US-based platform (Etsy, Poshmark, Mercari, or Ebay) and send you 50% of the profit (Shipping + Fees) plus a monthly storage fee ($2 per item) up to 3 months.  You decide on the price. Option is available depending on the quality of the return.  
      1. Price: $3 per item + 50% profit + $2 monthly storage fee


What makes us different? 

  1. We do not require a minimum order. Send as many or as few items as you’d like  
  2. We deal with international and US-based sellers without any additional fees
  3. We have a 2-day shipping guarantee. 
  4. We do not have any hidden fees (no monthly contracts) or hourly labor costs
  5. Items are stored in a temperature controlled setting. 
  6. We focus on smaller sellers who need more options geared towards their needs. 
  7. We give options on your items, you can possible earn some of your money back by selling your product as “Open Boxes” or “Like New” on other platforms
  8. We only require minimum access to your Amazon Seller Account and will use the pictures from your listing and description to create a listing on another platform (if you choose that option)
  9. Polybagging (including suffocation warning) is included with no additional cost. 
  10. We accept wholesale, online arbitrage, dropshipping, white label and private labels with no difference in cost. 



  1. What size items do you accept?  
    1. We accept small to medium size that weigh no greater than 5 pounds each and should be no bigger than 18 x 14 x 8 inches in dimension 
  2. What do you do with the items that are kept.  Depending on the quality of the product, we may choose to either recycle it, donate it, or resell it to keep our small business going and to keep our costs low.  We will do our best to keep your items out of landfills.  We will not sell it off as a FBA returns to other sellers.  
  3. Will you keep items that are trickling in before sending them to FBA?  Storage of your items from days 1-14 of when the first ASIN arrives will be included.  Days 15-30 will incur a $2 storage fee.  Items kept after 30 days will need to be sent to FBA, returned to you, or kept by us.  
  4. What payment methods do you accept?  We currently accept Paypal that accepts all major credit cards. 
  5. What are your contact hours?  We have normal office hours M-F 9 am – 6 pm but oftentimes work 7 days a week and earlier and later.  
  6. Do you accept pallets or store items to send as needed to FBA?  We are focused now on returns but may offer that in the future. 
  7. Can you place any inserts or other marketing material in our order?  Sure, but that we will need that shipped to us.  
  8. Are the items insured?  Yes we do have commercial insurance to cover the cost if anything should happen to your items while in our possession.  
  9. When do I get charged?  We will charge your credit card when we ship the item, 
  10. How do I get reimbursed for any sales on other platforms such as eBay?  Once we receive payment on your item, we will send you the funds via PayPal within 7 business days. 
  11. Can I get a breakdown of the fees?  Absolutely, after your initial request is made, we will evaluate your needs and provide you a break-down of the cost.  
  12. What if the item isn’t selling on another platform, can I request my item back sooner?  Sure, you can have it listed for 1 day up to 3 months. 
  13. What is your seller rating on the other platforms?  I have a 100% seller rating on Amazon, 5 stars on Etsy, Mercari, and Poshmark, and 98% on eBay. 
  14. Do you offer any promotions on the other platforms?  To keep costs low, I do not do any ads or promotions.  You will get a link to your product which you can share on social media or do any other promotions you would like. 
  15. How many platforms can I list my product on?  To keep things consistent, you can select one platform to list on.  
  16. I’m getting out of the FBA business, do you buy products?  Yes, we do buy items that sellers are no longer interested in selling.  You can indicate that request on the inquiry form. 
  17. Do you accept inventory from other places besides the US?  No, only items stored in US-based warehouses are accepted.