Consultant, Career Coach, and Researcher 

Dr. Jocelyn L. Steward, PhD services are based on my own work experience and my current role as a solo entrepreneur. 

I provide career coaching, CV, and resume writing. 

I create research-based content calendars for social media marketing.

I am a strategist and a consultant helping small businesses to discover and overcome their problems. 

I provide webinar hosting services to create a remarkable experience for the presenter and attendees. 

I offer a variety of business and scientific research and training services based on 20+ years of research, training, and education expertise. 

My newest adventure is to better understand and help freelancers to grow their income and gain financial freedom. 

Last, I search for practical, yet captivating, products that my clients need and desire. 


About me
Hello I am Dr. Jocelyn L. Steward and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you.  Dr Jocelyn L. Steward is passionate about helping small businesses and individuals reach their full potential as a consultant, researcher, and career coach. 

My background

I grew up Augusta, GA – home of the Master’s Golf Tournament.  I currently live in Smyrna, GA ( a few miles north of Atlanta).  

My career

The first job I had  was as a babysitter at the age of 12.  My passion for helping others and was a Red Cross Volunteer at Eisenhower Army Medical Center when I was 13. 

The first job working for corporate America was as a car hop at Sonic.  I continued to spend a significant amount of time in restaurant in which I help numerous positions including trainer, lead, and manager.  

My education 

After graduating from Evans High School, I attended the  University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) and graduated with a BS in Cellular Biology.  During my time at UGA, I attained a Commercial Driver’s License.  In fact, it is still active.   
On the positive side, I began my first experience with a family-run business by managing my mom’s small business, Three Wishes Deli.  
While finishing my BS, I also started working as a research assistant in a Neurobiology and Pharmacology lab at the Medical College of Georgia.  
By the time I was completing my BS, I started my MS in Management with a concentration in Health Care Management at Troy University.  
I expanded my industry knowledge during and post-graduate education in K-12 education, higher education, retail, health care (service and health insurance) and the airline industry. 
Finally, I obtained a PhD in Health Administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

In my spare time

I enjoy traveling.  At his time, my goal is visit every continent by next major milestone birthday).  I enjoy spending time with my cats (Sophie, Nala (who isn’t with us anymore), Nico, Hannah, and Georgiana).  

Charitable Support

I enjoy supporting local charities and recently have dedicated my grant writing expertise to Good Mews Animal Foundation.